Screen Printing Styles

Yes, there’s more than one way to print a shirt.

About Our Printing Process

At Pacific North Press, there is nothing standard about our printing process.  On cotton garments we use a discharge underbase with soft hand inks on top. It’s better than what you get by default anywhere else. But, you do have the option of choosing from any of the following printing styles. Some restrictions apply. Read more to find out, or send us an email.

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Discharge Printing

If you want a dark garment and want to keep that feel and vibrant color of a super soft water based print, that is no problem with discharge printing. Water-based ink, discharge printing is incredibly soft to the touch and the inks themselves settle perfectly into the fibers of a garment actually changing the color of the fabric. Cotton garments are required for this ink type, as a chemical reaction is used to remove the dye from the shirt where traditional inks normally need a white under-base. We can color match Pantone discharge ink however due to the nature of this process, some variation in the color can be expected.

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Waterbase printing is very similar to discharge printing but for white and light colored shirts. The inks are dyed into the fabric. When used on dark color fabrics it gives a strong faded/vintage look. Keep in mind that when using light ink colors on dark shirts the ink colors will be tinted by the shirt color. For example white inks on a black shirt will cause the inks to be a light grey.

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This is the traditional style of printing. Inks are thicker and rougher than our standard printing, and the ink sits on top of the shirt. These inks can be printed on any garment or fabric and work best in small print areas. Plastisol inks will be used on all 50/50 tees in place of our Standard inks.

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Process Printing

This is the process that you will want to use when you have a full color design or a photograph. We can do both full color process and simulated process. Every design is different so its best that you show your sales rep the artwork and they can tell you the best way to print it. Due to the difficulty involved there is a 1 time setup fee to get your artwork ready for printing.

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